Recruitment Support Program

Recruitment Support Program Powered by MilitaryHire

Rheem has partnered with MilitaryHire to offer a Recruitment Support Program for Pro Partners. is your resource for hiring talent from the US Military. Established over 20 years ago, it is the longest standing online job resource for Veteran talent on the internet. With over 600,000 US Military candidates, this site has been developed and is maintained by a team of both military veterans and corporate hiring authorities. MilitaryHire’s mission is to “Serve Those Who Served” by connecting veterans of America’s armed forces, military spouses, and immediate family members with Pro Partners who value their experience and skills.

As part of the Pro Partner program, you will receive:

  • 1 recruiter account
  • Up to 10 job postings
  • Up to 600 resume views per month
  • Up to 10 automated resume search agents

Within the MilitaryHire network are the resources and contacts which companies and Veterans need to successfully connect. has partnerships which help Veterans in their transition process and also offer training resources to Veterans.
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