Rheem Pro Profile

Rheem Pro Profile Web Page

(Value $500)

Get your own fully customizable web page on Rheem.com.

  • Customize your Pro Profile page by adding your office hours, photos, and videos of your team and their latest product installs, social profile links, company tag line, and much more.
  • Link directly to your business website and consumers will be able to find this page about your business from the Rheem dealer locator as well as through organic search on Google and Bing.

As a Pro Partner you get two high-impact page features that are exclusive to Pro Partners:

Ratings & Reviews: Much like the existing dealer locator, only Pro Partners will get to display install ratings & reviews on their Pro Profile page.

Specials & Offers: This is a fully customizable open text field where you can list your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal deals or even coupon codes so you can make your business stand out from the rest on Rheem.com.

Visit your MyCompany and the Pro Profile tab to edit or update your information.

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