Rheem Rebates

Rheem Pro Partner CashBack Rebates

(Value $4,000)

Rheem is the only manufacturer that provides a contractor rebate. All the other manufacturers offer a homeowner rebate, which means that either the homeowner gets the rebate – or no one gets the rebate.

Pro Partners can also utilize both CashBack and KwikComfort Financing on the same job. All othe manufactures require that contractors decide which program they want to use on each job, they’re only able to offer the homeowner either the financing or the homeowner rebate, but not both.

Rheem’s CashBack program is different because it gives the contractor the flexibility to do what is best for them. If business is slow and the work is needed, they can pass the rebate on to the homeowner. When busy they have the option to keep the full rebate. Rheem will not promote any rebate offers to homeowners.

How Other Manufacturers Rebates Work
Contractor sells a homeowner a job with qualifying equipment for $10,000 that includes a $500 homeowner rebate. The contractor is responsible for ½ of this rebate, so they add $250 into the cost of the job. When the contractor has completed the job, they issue a $500 rebate to the homeowner – which means they actually collect $9,500 from the homeowner. They then register this job with the manufacturer and receive the manufacturers $250, making the net revenue for this job $9,750.

Rheem Other
Sell job $10,000 $10,000
Rebate $0 $500
Collect from homeowner $10,000 $9,500
Collect from manufacturer $250 $250
Total revenue $10,250 $9,750

Contractor Serial Tool (CST) Dashboard Makes Claim Submissions and Reporting Simple

  • Visit My.Rheem.com to submit claims and check the status of all rebates.
  • Claims can be entered to redeem rebates or points for installing qualifying Rheem equipment.
  • Multiple programs and promotions can be redeemed on one claim submission.
  • Rheem funds contractor CashBack rebate via re-loadable card or direct deposit within 4 weeks of claim approval.
  • Viewable, customizable, reporting can be downloaded for claims from the CST Dashboard, including submitted claim details, payment status, and more.

Before you can start submitting claims, you will first need to setup your payment method. To read more about the differences between the Direct Deposit and Pay Cards method, please review the CST Payment Reference Guidelines and learn how to file a Cashback Claim

Contact your TM for assistance or questions.

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